Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Wrap-Up

This was a really busy week for me work wise. I put in more than 50 hours- yikes!

Here's a little run down of how it went:

Early Monday morning I had a production meeting for a new movie I'll be working on. It wraps 1 week before I intend to start my maternity leave, so it is really good timing. The movie is starring this guy. He wasn't at the meeting so I haven't seen him yet, but I will definitely be dropping by the set sometime, so it is in the works --I'll let you know how it goes down Sarah ;)

Then Tuesday, another early production meeting for this TV show that I work on.
I just finished reading scripts for episode 17 and 18 and I am definitely hooked.

Then Wednesday and Thursday were devoted to reshoots for this movie.
Wednesday casting and Thursday visiting the set.

Pretty much every available moment in the evenings of the last week have been spent catching up on Season 5 of this show. Man, I wish season 3 would've been that good, we would've never slipped away. We have the 2 part finale left and that is it. Excited for season 6!

Also on Wednesday, it was officially 2 months until this little girl's estimated arrival of March 27th. Which sounds like more than it is, because if you remember, one of those months is February... which is really a fake month of only 28 days (no offense February, but seriously)
I'm 32 weeks now and the other day I looked down, saw my stomach and thought, what?! I never imagined what this would be like. This is by far the most amazing, intimidating, miraculous, uncomfortable situation I've ever experienced.
The past few weeks I've had some REALLY random dreams... storms, horses, driving cars inside toy store/restaurants, killing zombies, setting zombies ghost ladies free (that one was after watching Coraline... definitely a direct reaction). I had the most saddest dream that the baby was born and they told me she had died (in hindsight, I saw her and she was not dead, she had her eyes open and opened her mouth and looked at me- but that's what they told me) I woke up and sobbed for probably 5 minutes while Caleb just held me and assured me that it was just a dream, but it was just soo sad anyway. I dreamed that she was a hispanic baby with tan skin and brown hair. I dreamed last night that she was a boy baby (but fair skin and hair and eyes again). Crazy crazy crazy dreams. I've always had vivid crazy dreams (even night terrors as a kid), but now seriously weird and a lot more often.

This is what I know about her:
She gets a lot of hiccups. And she likes James Taylor. And she does not have a name.
Our next ultrasound is 3 weeks from yesterday. I'm excited to see her again.


Sarah said...

Claire, that is hilarious! As soon as I clicked on your blog and saw the picture of Orlando Bloom, I thought, "Claire better give me some good details about that boy when she meets him" and then you wrote my name and said you would! You read my mind! I hope he's super nice when you meet him so I can continue to think good thoughts of him when I see him in pictures.

Beth said...

I just watched all three Lord of the Rings again and was just thinking, what has Orlando Bloom been doing (because he was actually pretty awesome in those movies, but not that great in other stuff IMO). Definitely give us updates.

Being pregnant IS crazy. I can't wait to meet your little girl. How exciting. It will be here before you know it.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Ah!! I love the ultrasound pic!! She is getting so big! I am SO excited!! I can't remember, have you chosen a name? I wish I could see you! Post a pic of you & your belly soon so I can check out how much you've changed!

Miss you! Try to get some rest with all that working!

Bekah B. said...

You looked so cute today! I can't believe she is almost here!! About the dream...those are crazy! I had a ton of dreams about Jude too...I think it's normal!