Thursday, January 10, 2008

Learning to learn to read...

I did a lot of soul searching over the holidays this year. I have been trying to grow more... rediscover who I am anymore, who I want to be still. More on that later...

For the past 5 years, something that I have consistently said is, when I don't have to work anymore, I am going to create a foundation that helps people. Usually I work up some kind of homeless outreach program, briefly discussing how change is something that has to be desired. You can't make someone change... but when they're ready- I'll be there for them. That's what I say.

So, back to the soul searching. I realized, when looking at my life... that although my life's desire is to start a charity foundation, there is very little volunteering going on currently. So I googled volunteering in Burbank and found the website

That is how I found the Literacy program that I will start volunteering for tonight at the Burbank Public Library. Tonight I will attend a 3 hour workshop to introduce myself to the staff and to begin learning the Phonics program that I will teach. I am nervous because this is stepping out of my box, meeting people I might not have before. I am excited because I believe this is something that will help give my life more meaning. I believe that when you help others... when you give of yourself to someone else, enriching their life will also enrich your own.