Friday, August 21, 2009

Playing Catch-up!

Alright, now that Caleb is finally back home- it is definitely time to play catch-up and get some posts up that are past due. Here are the pictures and recap of my trip to Dallas and the show I caught while there. This was about 1 week into the tour.

Front row tickets!

Ashton and Levi messing around in the dressing room before the show-
It was one of the smaller ones, but they had their own bathroom, which was nice.

The three brothers

Makaya used one of the all access passes to take pictures of the show.
How awesome is this!?
Rocking out...

And Again...

Ashton on drums

For a couple of songs, they are joined onstage by their friend John, who went on this tour with them as an additional driver and special guest musician. He plays the flute for a song, and then the saxophone as well. Caleb got the headress at the Indian reservation they visited in Arizona or New Mexico a couple days before. A lot of their songs are either about space or Native American culture... so it is very fitting.

Close up of John

The whole crazy bunch of us hanging out backstage

And since a few of my friends requested that I post a pic or something to show the shirts I made (one which I'm wearing in these pics above, but unfortunately- don't model it well) here you go
a little sneak peak-
My friend Mari had a brilliant idea to collaborate with me on an adult women's clothing line. We had a lunch with our inspiration books, set a deadline to have a few pieces done and started sewing. This is one of the first tops I did. Mari's are awesome as well, but I'll wait until we have more to show to do any additional unveiling. Mari has a friend, Christine Olson, who is an amazing photographer and she had already scheduled a session with her for her new necklace line. So we sent our tops and here are a couple pics of the one I'm wearing above.


Tanya said...

very cool! The top is really pretty. I like it a lot :)

The Linabooty's said...

can't wait for you to make me mine I love it!!