Friday, May 9, 2008

Flautas are not poisonous!

Last week I made flautas. I wasn't 100% sure what this involved, but just knew that we used to have them at Tres Hombres when I worked there. I wanted to make Caleb's with pork, and had an idea that putting in shredded BBQ pork would be just the way he'd like it.
This is the only picture of the meal that I have, but I figured, I'd go ahead and post it, half eaten and all. I made the flautas for CB with the pork, and for me with just beans and cheese. I made my special homemade guacamole recipe, and found the recipe for the rice online. I think it was cilantro-lime rice. Anyway, the meal was very delicious and as homemade as it was... not so hard. CB wolfed his up.
The next morning though... he woke up very ill. I was not sick, so his first thought was that the pork must've been bad (being the only thing he ate, that I didn't). Guilt, guilt, guilt. I thought I'd poisoned him, after all... But later that afternoon he had a fever, and we found out that a 24 hour flu bug was going around. Whew. I had already thrown out all the rest of the frozen pork, though, so it still might be awhile before I try this dish again!